This week Steph talks through how we came to the decision of upgrading to a new roof top tent. We discuss the pros and cons of many of the available makes on the market currently and what it was that made us decide on the Bundutec Bundutop roof top tent.

The BunduTop

Standard size is 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm when closed, and 2100 x 1350 x 1000 mm when open. mattress is 2000 x 1250 x 100 mm and it is a high density foam.Eenough space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside.

The tent weighs about 60 kg’s

The roof can carry additional 20kg of weight. You can install a solar panel on top as it includes solar wiring and it simplifies the installation of a solar panel by allowing the wiring to go unseen through the tent.

The tent has a Cigarette Lighter plug and an LED light inside, and it comes with an aluminium ladder.

The tent has a winch inside that lifts and lowers it. It is connected to ropes that run on bearings to effectively pull in the awnings and sides. The rope system inside is essentially dyneema plasma rope snaked through various pulleys and arms, as well as the mechanisms for the awning to pull in the sides and awnings when the tent is shut.

The arms and their unique design again assist with the lifting of the tent and ensures that it is rigid when open, essentially strengthening the construction.

There is a safety feature (limit switch) that assists with telling the motor when to STOP while lifting/lowering the tent. YOU, however, are responsible for telling the tent when to START, so ensure all the latches have been opened.

One year mechanical warranty.

The tent has a manual override outside, situated right next to the buttons used to lift/lower the tent.

Electricity in the form of jumper cable connection can be used to lift/lower the tent this way.


The tent is full aluminium construction and a durable Ripstop canvas.

Alu-cab tent info:
The structure of the tent is built from aluminium. The roof is re-enforced in order to allow you to safely stand on the tent, or load equipment. Areas of the tent’s roof can be utilised for carrying equipment. The restriction of the load is dependent on the gas lift’s power. Additional advantages are that accessories such as awnings and high lift jacks can also be mounted to the sides of the tent. Alu-Cab’s flip tent is 1350mm (W) x 2300mm (L) externally. Internal dimensions are 1200mm (W) x 2100mm (L). When open, head room internally is 1600mm.The roof is insulated with a 25mm closed cell polyethylene foam. The base has a 10mm layer that assists in keeping out the rising cold while adding a little more comfort to the 75mm foam mattress.The tent is equipped on both sides with flexible map reading lights fitted with LED bulbs. The tent is made from a 400gsm ripstop waterproof canvas. All seams are treated with seam seal. All windows are covered with a very fine yet very strong mesh that keeps out the smallest of midges.Access inside the tent is from all three sides depending on where you decide to set up your entry point. This aluminium tent weighs in at only 78kgs.

Backtrax tent info

The opening and closing mechanism on the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent is designed with a lead screw “soft glide” lift mechanism. Four aluminium arms raise the roof vertically by running along a lead screw on either side of the lower shell in unison.In the electric version (Pro models) this is driven by a 12V geared electric motor. A remote control activates the opening and closing mechanism similar to a garage door. If the battery in the roof tent dies there is a manual crank that allows the user to manually lift the upper shell by cranking the lifting mechanism up or down. In the event there is a mechanical failure, the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent, to unbolt (4) allen key bolts at the front of upper shell and you will get access to the entire interior to investigate further. Warranty covers the fibreglass shell, tent textile and lift mechanism for (3) years against manufacturer’s defect in material and workmanship and (12) months for the lithium battery and LED Lights, (6) months for the blue tooth speaker.You can store all your blankets, sheets, pillows and some clothes in the Backtrax Sports Utility Roof Tent whilst traveling.

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