Every year in the month of May one of the biggest offroad camping events in the USA comes to Flagstaff Arizona called the Overland Expo.

This show is quickly becoming the highlight of my entire year as a Youtuber because it is just so much fun.

Overlanding is basically camping with an offload vehicle and to me it very much reminds me of my youth. We were an overland family before overloading was a name. My dad had an International Scout II with manual locking hubs, we had tons of camping gear….and we used it quite a bit.

This year was great because I interviewed even more companies than before. The folks at Overland Explorer let me sleep in their tear drop trailer and the folks at Kalaber Creations took me for a ride in a Ural side car motorcycle for the very first time.

This video is a sneak peek of the 2 days I was there. Many of the companies I filmed will have a full length interview video so keep an eye out for them on my channel over the next few weeks.

Also a big shout out to all the people who stopped me to say hi. I didn’t film all of you which is a mistake I will not make next year!!! You guys rock!



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Thanks for watching guys!!!

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