I head to the Bushcraft Camp in the Forest for a day of Fire Lighting Skills with Alec Steele, the incredible Blacksmith Youtuber!
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The aim of the day was to try and teach Alec to light a fire using a number of different fire lighting techniques. Ranging from the traditional flint & steel fire, to making feather sticks as well as using a tinder fungus and dried grass.
To begin with, we needed to process the wood using Alec’s forged Axe and a folding bow saw. Alec split the fire wood with his hatchet and he further processed it down into kindling using the knife that he had helped me forge in a previous video. Once Alec got the fire going with feather sticks and a ferro rod, we cooked up some fresh steak on the grill. Closely followed by sausages! It was then time to teach Alec how to light a fire with flint & steel, a cramp ball fungus and the classic birch bark fire using bark from the silver birch tree (betula pendula) which has a high resin content. It was great to get Alec out into the woods for a day of Bushcraft and Fire at the Camp!

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