Bushcraft: Making a Bushcraft Camp – Setting up a simple Camp Cooking system & the Secret of how to make Great Camp Coffee (cowboy coffee style).

Another cold day out at the Bushcraft Camp and after checking out the fresh water stream Jason decides to focus on setting up a simple way to boil water and keep it warm around camp.

Bushcraft: Camp Cooking and Great Camp Coffee

It’s mid January and after a quick thaw during the week temperatures have returned to below freezing again. The last couple times I was out at camp I built a fire reflector and focused on the campfire.

I decided to spend some time sorting out a simple camp cooking set up so I could get water boiling and then maintain warm water around camp. Especially with the current temperatures, having an easier way to stay warm was important.

I think most people believe that the best way to drink coffee in the bush or while out camping is to use instant coffee. It’s true, instant can be the most convenient way to get your caffeine fix, but learning how to make “cowboy coffee” (in my opinion) is an essential camping skill.

This is the eighth in a series of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills or camping skills videos.

In the previous episodes I’ve scouted out the location and began to set up a semi-permanent shelter.

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