Before you plan your next camping expedition, take a moment and checkout these exciting new camping gear inventions that will take your outdoor adventure to new heights.
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0:09 – Flying Tent – – The amazing multifunctional floating tent, hammock, rain poncho, extraordinaire. A real Swiss Army Knife of functionality.

2:46 – RinseKit – – A portable pressurized showering invention that is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities.

5:09 – Heated Sleeping Bag – – Heated sleeping bag technology that allows you to transform your old cold sack into a hot pocket of toasty goodness.

8:20 – The Lycan Powerbox – – The ultimate portable energy source that harnesses solar or electric energy with zero emissions. Perfect for camping, at home, or while living life on the lam.

11:09 – BioLite BaseLantern – – The world’s first ultra portable smart grid and lighting combo with Bluetooth connectivity. Get ready to be the Cool Guy at the campsite.
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