!!! The following film takes place on a tree farm !!!

Our first winter overnight camp in the new bushcraft shelter we built was a total success. The forecast was calling for -8 °C (17.6°F) but it ended up being -12 °C (10.4°F) which we didn’t realize until we got home and our worried mom and fiancé told us how cold it was. It really wasn’t a problem at all. The shelter held the heat well and we had plenty of warm sleeping bags and wool blankets on top of our bed of spruce bows. Twig and I had a lot of fun and we’ll definitely do this more often.

The following film takes place on a tree farm. The farmer chose to plant trees on his land 30 years ago instead of growing corn or raising cattle. These trees have been a carbon sink and oxygen producing source for the last 30 years. However, for this crop to have value to the farmer they must grow bigger for commercial value. I’ve volunteered to help thin this forest so the remaining trees will have more nutrients in the soil, more space to grow, and more sunlight to fall upon them. However, I can’t just let these beautiful trees go to waste just because they have no commercial value. So I build with them.

Please do not cut down trees in public or parkland!!!
Please respect and protect our environment.

If you want to learn more about why we are cutting down these trees check out

If you would like to see how we built this shelter watch it here.

Here is where we built the door.

The wool coat I wear is from WeatherWool.

My boots are from Carolina Footwear

My favourite canteen is from Heavy Cover

Primary axe is the Husqvarna Forest Axe

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